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ART TIMES is the go-to source for writers, painters, sculptors, film makers, actors, musicians and people looking for calendar listings, opportunity listings, arts schools, theatre auditions, juried art shows, performance locations, and writing competitions. Over the past 30 years that we have been publishing, numerous individuals have thanked us for leading them to galleries where their work is shown, companies who have produced their music and plays as well as to competitions where they have won awards and acclaim.

On this home page you will find links to our current printed issue and to essays and resources that are exclusively online and updated monthly. Explore our site by going to the navigation bar above, there are hundreds of essays and resources for the creative spirit and those who appreciate good writing.

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Just uploaded:
Jane Sherman's Memoir of her time in Singapore with the Denishawn Dancers’ 1925-26 Asian Tour
this is a piece Jane wrote after Cornelia Seckel's trip and report on Singapore

EXCLUSIVE essays uploaded in February
Dawn Lille Performers and Presenters at The Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Norman Kolpas: Keith Haring Retrospective at de Young in San Francisco
Henry P. Raleigh: The Bounty of Films on Netflix
Cornelia Seckel: Culturally Speaking
for the Creative Spirit Opportunities
Cultural Events Calendar

Online essays uploaded in January 2015
Mary Alice Franklin Get Social
Robert W. Bethune Excuse me, did I ask to be harrowed?
Henry P. Raleigh Ninety Minutes or Else
Leigh Donaldson: African American Gardens and Yards

New - Culturally Speaking:
By Cornelia Seckel

Do they Know it's Christmas album cover
Jay Unger and Molly Mason at the Winter Hoot

…I got to the Hoot about 1pm and stayed till after 8. It’s been a long time since I heard live folk music and spending all that time was delightful. Food (reasonable prices and very good), cds and other items were available for sale. This is a family oriented event (I often felt a thump on my knee as a little one walked into me/ or I, looking ahead not down, bumped into them) with lots of activities for kids including movies, craft events, performances, …(see essay)

New Art Review: Keith Haring Retrospective
By Norman Kolpas
Self Portrait by Keith Haring

A major retrospective of any artist’s career usually offers the public a rare opportunity to appreciate the totality of that creative soul’s output. If nothing else, it enables art lovers the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve literally seen it all—and, if it matters to them, the bragging rights of being able to tell others they have.……(see essay)
Untitled (Self-Portrait), February 2, 1985, acrylic on canvas
(photo: Norman Kolpas©)

New Film: So Many Films, So Little Time
By Henry P. Raleigh
Drawing by Henry P. Raleigh

I admit it. I was at first overwhelmed by the bounty of films provided by NetFlix — all paraded before my wondrous eyes by Roku. Hundreds, it seemed, of American movies from the late 90’s to the present. OK, maybe only a year or so behind the present and at any rate bound to catch up in a few months. (see essay)

New Dance: Performers and Presenters
by Dawn Lille
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company

The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, known as APAP, holds its yearly convention every January in New York City. This large gathering can be regarded with exhilaration, trepidation, or exhaustion, depending upon one’s purpose, stamina or location at the many performing venues in the city or, this year, at the Hilton. (see essay)
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company Photo by Jaqlin Medlock, courtesy of APAP at Peridance

Get Social   Art Professionals:
Getting Started with Social Media
By Mary Alice Franklin

Do I really want to be harrowed? Harrowing is when the farmer uses a giant metal rake to rip the skin off the soil. Do I want that done to me? Even metaphorically? And do I want to pay for the privilege?
Of course, it’s always tragedy that’s promoted this way—you know, tragedy..… (see essay)

Theater Being Harrowed
By Robert W. Bethune

Do I really want to be harrowed? Harrowing is when the farmer uses a giant metal rake to rip the skin off the soil. Do I want that done to me? Even metaphorically? And do I want to pay for the privilege?..… (see essay)

Art African American Gardens and Yards
By Leigh Donaldson
Leona Stokes’ Garden, Farrell, Mississippi, 2001

While driving along country roads through small towns and cities throughout the South during the late 1980s Vaughn Sills, a professor of photography at Simmons College, was captivated by rural gardens she encountered and described them as giving her “…a sense of both order and mystery, with visual and soul-satisfying contrast between open space and dense arrangements of plant life.” ..… (see essay)
Leona Stokes’ Garden, Farrell, Mississippi, 2001

Travel and Culture: Fredericksburg, Texas:
Hill Country’s New American Art Destination
by Cornelia Seckel

Sculpture by John Bennett a the Agave Gallery

I was asked if I’d like to join a press group to explore Fredericksburg, a small town in Texas with wineries, galleries and historic sites. It had been a while since I did any traveling so I accepted the invite and I am surely glad I did. Visiting Fredericksburg, Texas with all the wineries and art galleries as well as the Texas White House of Lyndon B Johnson is truly an excellent destination for people who enjoy art, wine, outdoors, unique accommodations, (see essay)
Sculpture by John Bennett

Art: Alice Barber Stephens:
Emerging Ways of Living & Working
By Rena Tobey
Alice Barber Stephens

After the Civil War, pressure escalated for American women’s lives to change. Women artists, particularly illustrators, found an interested audience for unpacking the complexities of the issues involved, when depicted in clear and cogent ways. One particularly successful example came from Alice Barber Stephens (1858-1932) with her illustration called Woman in Business from 1897.   … (see essay)

Alice Barber Stephens

Music: The Soundtrack of My Life: Summer Holidays
By Leslie Herman
Do they Know it's Christmas album cover

Leslie Herman has been thinking about the phenomenon that is Band Aid for weeks now, but this conversation inspired the angle I’ve taken. It may not have been the most emotionally-charged dialogue but, despite his unremarkable response, the bottom line is that this young person and hundreds of thousands of others effortlessly spent 99p (roughly US$1.65) to download the single on the day of its release. Why? A. Because they can? B. Because they feel duty bound to? ?...…(see essay)

Culturally Speaking:
By Cornelia Seckel
125th Annual Exhibition of the National Association of Women Artists

The National Association of Women Artists’ 125th Annual exhibition: 125 Years: Women of Vision featured the work of over 290 member artists in a wide range of media. (see essay) •••• See video
(l to r) Honorees Faith Ringgold & Ursula von Rydingsvard with Executive Director of N.A.W.A. Susan Hammond at the opening reception of the National Association of Women Artists’ 125th Annual Exhibition

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