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New for November
Raymond J. Steiner on Selling Art
Henry P. Raleigh on Film Summertime and the Corn was High
Lawrence E. McCullough, Ph.D. on Designing a Successful Arts District
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Wendy Caster What I Learned Doing Theatre


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Raymond J. Steiner reviews Jervis McEntee Exhibit
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Henry P. Raleigh on Movies about Equal Housing Opportunities;
Dawn Lille on The Hartt School Dance Division

Kathleen Arffmann on Sargent at the Met;
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Wendy Caster on The New Audience
Cornelia Seckel reports on Nashville part. 2
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NEW! Peek and Pique: Selling Art
By Raymond J. Steiner

…Full disclosure, however: My wife does sell my paintings and has been doing so since I began painting about 20-25 years ago, and although I am not fully easy with her doing so, I have not refused to let her do so. For instance, I’ve been a participant in the Annual Saugerties Art Tour for about 5 years and have been present as sales have been made over those years. Yet, it still makes me feel somewhat uneasy seeing my landscapes being taken away, not only because they have come to me unbidden, but because they sort of serve me as a visual diary of how nature affects and inspires me..… (see essay)

NEW Theatre: What I Learned Doing Theatre
By Wendy Caser

I’m always astonished and horrified when a theatre critic—or any arts reviewer—unloads a barrage of ridicule at an artist or show (or book or movie). Yes, sometimes a show is bad, even terrible, and it’s the role of the reviewer to discuss its problems and weaknesses. But why are some writers so happy to pile on the sarcasm and sheer meanness?… (see essay)

NEW Film: Summertime and the Corn was High
By Henry P. Raleigh
drawing by Henry P. Raleigh illustrating Cineland Reality essay in ART TIMES

Eighty-six films rolled out over the summer. Eighty-six boggles the mind and sprinkled throughout were the familiar super-heroes, teens in trouble, video game adaptations, aging yuppies in mid-life crisis, re-dos in all shapes and sizes, even reaching back into TV’s ancient history for inspiration - all very much like last summer to think of it.(see essay)

NEW! Speak Out: Designing a Successful Arts District
By Lawrence E. McCullough, Ph.D.

……Arts districts (their typical appellation, also “cultural districts”) are found in growing numbers across the U.S. as hundreds of municipalities employ cultural tourism initiatives to boost their local economy.
Whether defined by a specific neighborhood, centered around major cultural institutions or focused on a particular type of arts production or commerce, an arts district’s most public components are general entertainment and festival events, galleries and museums, restaurants and nightclubs, arts-oriented retail shops, tours and attractions geared toward outsiders. (see essay)

Art Review: Jervis McEntee
          at The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz
By Raymond J. Steiner
Theresa Bernstein at her easel with the lost painting Moonlight Masquerade, 1915
“Autumn Reverie”, 1880
Oil on canvas
David and Laura Grey Collection

A trip into the past. To a time when artistic inspiration created beauty instead of political and social agendas, personal angst, or simply meaningless lines, shapes and colors. To a time when the soul could breathe in sublimity instead of constantly having to ward off nonsense and ugliness. To a time, alas, all too lost. Ambling amongst the landscapes of Jervis McEntee at the Samuel Dorsky Museum’s* major exhibition of this long-gone Hudson River “School” plein-airiste can almost make one feel that the past 100 years or so has simply disappeared into a black hole of much-desired forgetfulness. (see essay)

Travel and Culture: Nashville- Country Music & much more Part 2
By Cornelia Seckel


In the Summer 2015 issue I wrote about my trip to Nashville and had so much to report that here is Part 2. You can still read Part 1 online at where I wrote about the Honky Tonks; meeting Joanne Cash Yates (sister ofJohnny Cash); the Cracker Barrel stores and their history; The Country Music Hall of Fame and theDylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats exhibit; Ryman Auditorium, the mother Church of Country Music; and the Grand Ole Opry. .… (see essay)

Art Review: Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends at The Met
By Kathleen Arffmann
Theresa Bernstein at her easel with the lost painting Moonlight Masquerade, 1915
John Singer Sargent (American, Florence 1856–1925 London) Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of a Wood, 1885
Oil on canvas

……Although information provided by the museum on the labels and audio tour is very helpful, there is still one question that remains unanswered: “Why did this accomplished painter leave Paris at the height of his career, and portrait painting altogether when he was riding the crest of his acclaim?” Henry James, the author and one of his closest friends, called Sargent “the slightly uncanny spectacle of a talent which on the very threshold of its career, has nothing more to learn.” His choice to leave Paris makes him something of an enigma and the question left unanswered is troubling for me, and I suspect for other members of the viewing public. ……. (see essay)

Art Essay: Florine Stettheimer and Picnic at Bedford Hills: Subverting the Separate Spheres
By Rena Tobey ©
Theresa Bernstein at her easel with the lost painting Moonlight Masquerade, 1915
Florine Stettheimer, c.1917-1920. Image held in the collection of the Florine Stettheimer papers, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University

With the end of World War I, a new type of New Woman was emerging: The Flapper. Born of post-war prosperity, the Flapper was willful, self-pleasing, strong, politically aware, socially savvy. Just on the cusp of ratifying the 19th Amendment in 1920, granting the right for American women to vote, the Flapper was the youthful expression of that radical thinking. The Flapper rebelled against the restraints of old-fashioned Victorian womanhood. The war had also opened up male occupations to women, and they were reluctant to release those positions and the new freedoms and confidence associated with success in the public sphere. The media responded with visual backlashes against working women and Flappers, with satirical cartoons and illustrations, as well as editorial reassurance that the home and family would still be central to American society. (see essay)

Dance: The Hartt School Dance Division
By Dawn Lille
Hartt School of Dance students
The Hartt School students, photo by John Long

Say Dance Division, Hartt School, University of Hartford and many will give a blank stare. This is to report that there is a great deal of excellent, joyful movement going on up in Connecticut, broadly educating students for the world of dance and beyond.
Originally founded in 1920 as a music school, which gained a distinguished reputation, in 1957 the Hartt School, by then a conservatory, was one of three institutions that joined to form the University of Hartford. (see essay)

Get Social   Time Saving Tips for Social Media
By Mary Alice Franklin
social media icons

Who has time to play around on social media when there is artwork to be created? If you’re interested in staying visible in today’s fast-paced world, then the answer should be you. Dismissing social media has become something of a bygone era. Social media is not only helpful, but is necessary and vital to almost any business, no matter the size. It’s true that it can take up a tremendous amount of your time –.... (see essay)

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