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Our ART TIMES Journal is one of those arts magazines that has two distinct personalities. Available to you both online and in print formats, it is a vibrant literary journal with art essays about painting, sculpting, drawing, film, theater, dance, music, book reviews, poetry, short fiction. Our writers are passionate about their subjects and guest writers from around the world contribute poetry, short fiction and their thoughts to our "Speak Out" column.

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The second personality trait is that ART TIMES is the go-to source for writers, painters, sculptors, film makers, actors, musicians and people looking for calendar listings, opportunity listings, arts schools, theatre auditions, juried art shows, performance locations, and writing competitions. Over the past 30 years that we have been publishing, numerous individuals have thanked us for leading them to galleries where their work is shown, companies who have produced their music and plays as well as to competitions where they have won awards and acclaim.

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Fall Opportunities for the Creative Spirit;
Fall Calendar of Cultural Events

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for August We have some very interesting essays as well as the Culturally Speaking column with all sorts of newsy items.

Take a look!
Theater: What? Peperangan Bintang? What? By Robert W. Bethune

* Dance: Speaking Without Words: Part 2 Using Dance As A Language In The Architecture of Medical and Social Information, Education, Awareness and Advocacy Contributing to Public Health by Andrew Carroll

* Film: Hold Your Horses by Henry P. Raleigh

* Culturally Speaking by Cornelia Seckel

Opportunities for the Creative Spirit;
Calendar of Cultural Events

Quick Links to July Essays & Articles
Art: Ba’lls to the Wa’ll, Ya’ll—
     Beauford Delaney & James Baldwin
by Maureen Kelleher
Theater: Senses, skin, and live performance By Robert W. Bethune
* Music: The Very Impressive Cordydd at Carnegie Hall: A Match Made in Heaven for the Also Impressive Weather by Leslie Herman
*Dance: Speaking Without Words: Part 1 Using Dance As A Language In The Architecture of Medical and Social Information, Education, Awareness and Advocacy Contributing to Public Health by Andrew Carroll

* Film: Cell Phones and Cinema by Henry P. Raleigh
* New Art Books;

New Culturally Speaking:
By Cornelia Seckel
Cornelia Seckel and Susan Vreeland
Sampling of Robert Angeloch's painting boxes, kits & other painting memorabilia on view at the Woodstock School of Art exhibition Angeloch Under Glass

Angeloch Under Glass is a memorial exhibit of works on paper by the founder of the Woodstock School of Art (WSA) Robert Angeloch (1922-2011) and held at the WSA in Woodstock, NY. Dear long-time friends and colleagues Paula Nelson and John Kleinhans were the curators of this immense undertaking. They went through Bob’s vast collection of work, identified pieces that best exemplified a period in time, framed, and photographed the work. …. (see essay)

New August Dance: Speaking Without Words: Part 1 Using Dance As A Language In The Architecture of Medical and Social Information, Education, Awareness and Advocacy Contributing to Public Health
by Andrew Carroll
Tyler Orcutt, Nicole Diaz
Tyler Orcutt, Nicole Diaz

…This idea was particularly geared towards the teenage demographic, who seek out dance music videos for entertainment purposes, and who also could benefit from repetitive viewings of this popular medium if laced with informative information. When one considers the vast lot of social issues beckoning for attention, many come to mind, bullying among them. Bullying was chosen from among several social problems to depict, due to its relevancy as one in escalating prominence.  …. (see essay)

New August Film: Hold your Horses
By Henry P. Raleigh
drawing by Henry P. Raleigh

No, I’ve not seen “War Horse.” And I do not intend to see “War Horse.” Oh, it’s not because I have anything against horses- they mind their business, I mind mine, our paths never cross. Nor do I have anything against the movie. People I know have seen “War Horse” and pronounced it a fine film. I am willing enough to go along with the public opinion.The thing is, you see, I simply will not watch a movie in which a horse is a featured player. I cannot help it. .… (see essay)

New August Theater: What? Peperangan Bintang? What?
By Robert W. Bethune

One of the assemblages of detritus that remains in the back of my mind, down toward the lower levels of the brain, from my days four decades ago studying Asian theater for my doctorate, is that there is such a thing as Malaysian shadow puppetry. Like its siblings and cousins in other parts of Southeast Asia, it tells the stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Hindu epics probably best known on this side of the intervening oceans as the stories about Krishna and such. (see essay)

July Music: The Very Impressive Cordydd at Carnegie Hall:
A Match Made in Heaven for the Also Impressive Weather
By Leslie Herman
Carnegie Hall Tickets

Everyone knows that it rains a lot in Wales. And on Saturday 29 March 2014, New Yorkers were treated to a truly authentic Welsh experience with Cordydd’s performance at Carnegie Hall. The Cardiff-based mixed choir, conducted by Paul Mealor, with Huw Alun Foulkes and Steffan Jones also conducting, Ieuan Jones (piano) and Gwenliian Llyr (harp), produced sounds that were so clean and pure, it was no surprise that the heavens opened to produce the rainiest night of the entire month!
(see essay)

July Art: Ba’lls to the Wa’ll, Ya’ll Beauford Delaney & James Baldwin
By Maureen Kelleher
Cornelia Seckel and Susan Vreeland
“Yellow, Red and Black Circles” by Beauford Delaney

Baldwin met Delaney when he, JB, was sixteen years old. Delaney was about 35. Baldwin didn’t know which way to turn next in his teenage life, so he followed the advice of his friend, Emile Capouya, who had recently met or run into Delaney. Capouya gave “Jimmy” Delaney’s name and address. Shortly thereafter, Baldwin knocked on the door at 181 Greene St. in The Village, NYC. Delaney opened the door, and then his heart and friendship, to Baldwin and there it stayed for, oh, forty-plus years.
(see essay)

Art: Elizabeth Okie Paxton and The Breakfast Tray: The Modernity of a New Woman Artist
By Rena Tobey
Ear worm credit Jamie Herman

Pick any period of art history, and only a handful of artists will be remembered.  Piecing together the history of women artists injects an additional layer of complexity—women were not encouraged to be a professional artist for most of history.  The United States has proven to be no exception, and yet women have earned a living as artists from its colonial days.  Resurrecting the career of an artist like Elizabeth Okie Paxton (1877-1971) is especially challenging because only a few of her paintings are in public collections.  … (see essay)

Elizabeth Okie Paxton, n.d. In the William McGregor Paxton Papers, 1886-1971, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Music: Eurovision: Not Just Another Song Contest
By Leslie Herman
Ear worm credit Jamie Herman

The Eurovision Song Contest has been a pan-European annual event since 1956. It has been a launch pad for the mega careers of the likes of ABBA as well as a significant platform for others.  Sweden took the prize for the very first time in 1974 when ABBA won with ‘Waterloo’; Bucks Fizz won for the UK in 1981 with ‘Making your Mind Up’, and Celine Dion sang for Switzerland in 1988..…(see essay)

Dance: The Paul Taylor Dance Company At 60.  Wow
By Dawn Lille
Cornelia Seckel and Susan Vreeland
Paul Taylor Dance Company: Sean Mahoney, Orion Duckstein, James Samson in Sunset (Photo Paul B. Goode)

Paul Taylor, regarded by many as the greatest living American choreographer, is 83 years old. His company of 16 outstanding dancers is 60 years old and during a three-week diamond jubilee season at Lincoln Center (March 12-30) it danced 23 of the 140 dances he has created in his lifetime. But the numbers have no relationship to the sheer physical joy emanating from the stage night after night. …. (see essay)

Special Report: An Afternoon with Susan Vreeland
By Cornelia Seckel
Cornelia Seckel and Susan Vreeland
Cornelia Seckel (l) & Susan Vreeland (r) at the Salmagundi Club, NYC

Susan Vreeland is the author of, among other things, art related fiction/ historical fiction including Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, Passion of Artemisia, the Forest Lover and soon to be released Lisette's List. I met Susan through a mutual friend and we spent several hours at the Salmagundi Club talking about art, her work and my work. …. (see essay)

Peek and Piques!: Art ‘N Kids: Future Emerging Artists
By Raymond J. Steiner

AGE, A GROWING list of ailments, and a mercenary and meaningless artworld have all conspired to limit the range of my comings and goings to art venues for the past several years — I was simply left cold by so much of what I saw, that giving up on ART TIMEShad crossed my mind more than once. But then what? Who’d hire an 81-year old scribbler who can barely get around anymore? Thus, my almost daily mantra — until recently!.… (see essay)

Essay: Looking at art: A Guide for the (Understandably) Perplexed
By Raymond J. Steiner

An Essay in four parts: Image Making, The Artist, Artwriting, Exhibition Places can be read online.

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