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New: Alaska, Part 4- Juneau, The State Museum, The Mines and a
                New Venture Cornelia Seckel
New: Help Desk 4 Creatives— Marketing Merritt Minnemeyer
New: The World’s Largest Performing Arts Festival Turns 70: A Guide to Edinburgh Fests Justine Bayod Espoz
New: My 2 Cents, Shadowland Stages - Noises Off! Jacquie Wolf
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Winter Memories Dawn Lille
Creativity Flows from the Hand: The Case for Longhand Writing

                by Leigh Donaldson
Is Broadway Invulnerable?by Wendy Caster
Polin Museum- History of Polish Jews in Warsaw Poland
                by Mark Laoisa

The First TCM Film Festiva
l by Keith Nieto
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New: Travel and Culture: Juneau, Alaska, part 4-
          The State Museum, The Mines and a new venture
By Cornelia Seckel

Harry Vannatta & Stephanie Nicosia outside their kiosk downtown Juneau selling Harry’s Wild Berry Preserves

Back into town I met up with Harry Vannatta and Stephanie Nicosia, a delightful couple recently moved to Juneau. They met online a few years ago, fell in love with Alaska and moved from LA. …
…I recently heard from both Harry and Stephanie. They are currently in full operation manufacturing their delicious preserves and accumulating a large stock for future sales! Harry's Wild Berry Preserves has set a tenacious goal to reach mass market in a matter of just a couple short years. 
(see essay)

New Theater My 2 Cents: Shadowland Stages— Noises Off!
By Jacquie Wolf
poster of Sweat

… Shadowland Stages has been lovingly redesigned, restored, and remodeled. The entrance to the theater is a glamorous homage to the heyday of Art Deco. There is not a seat in the house that is not a perfect view. All the seats are what would be the Orchestra section in any other theater. Being a tad on the larger side I wouldn’t mind a skosh more room in the somewhat basic, almost retro, movie theater seats.(see essay)

New Dance Edinburgh Fringe turns 70!
By Justine Bayod Espoz
poster of Sweat

…The Edinburgh Fringe should make everyone’s bucket list. It’s jovial artistic mayhem in a gorgeous fairytale city erected in grey stone, and the choices for entertainment are limitless. See standup comedy one day, dance the next, theatre the day after and cabaret the day after that. … (see essay)

New Help Desk 4 Creatives: Marketing
By Merritt Minnemeyer

…The essence of good marketing is a strong, clear message. To hone this message, begin by boiling down what you do to a single sentence. Leave out the frills, for now. In plain language, come up with a few simple words that tell the world what it is exactly that you do. This is referred to as a “descriptor.”… (see essay)

New Art: Polin Museum-
           History of Polish Jews in Warsaw Poland
By Mark Laiosa
Roger McGuinn
Detail of ceiling of of a synagogue from Gwozdziec (photo by Mark Laiosa)

…One highlight is a duplication of a synagogue from Gwozdziec (now Ukraine). The Bema, a raised platform for Torah readings, is painted with primary colors that dominate a dazzling array of patterns, topped by a ceiling with zodiac signs and animals. The artist used his or her imagination in depicting an elephant - a dachshund with tusks and trunk.… (see essay)

Film: The First TCM Film Festival
By Keith Nieto
Robert osborne
Robert Osborne

It was a sunny day in April, when I just happened to be strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, who should stop me in the street, but Robert Osborne himself!
I struggled to grasp the realization that I was face to face with a man I worshipped - the man I dreamed of growing up to be. A man whose warmth and knowledge of classic film allowed me to believe idols still roam the planet.…
(see essay)

Theater: Is Broadway Invulnerable?
By Wendy Caster
poster of Sweat

The original title of this essay was “Is Broadway Committing Suicide? And Does It Matter?” But the more I thought about it, the more I came to admire Broadway’s dogged longevity.… Broadway also has those amazing buildings. I love all theaters. Holes in the wall. Black boxes tucked away in office buildings. Dingy rooms on scary blocks. Theatrical magic can happen anywhere. But Broadway theaters are gorgeous and full of history. …(see essay)

Speak Out — Creativity Flows from the Hand:
                 The Case for Longhand Writing
By Leigh Donaldson

……Composing thoughts and reflections on paper is a powerful layer of expression that should never be reduced to being an antiquated art form. Short of face-to-face contact, handwriting remains an effective communicative tool for expressing the full range of human thought and emotion. Spoken words often leave very little trace unless recorded by a machine. The written word can be literally and physically held on to for a lifetime and beyond for everyday people, historians, biographers and writers alike. (see essay)

Dance: Winter Memories
By Dawn Lille

Guillermo Estrada, Jr. and Laurel Lynch as the hero and heroine of Mark Morris’s production of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas

This past winter dance in NYC was as full of opportunities for watching as ever. Although each performance leaves the viewer with a different outlook or feeling, a few stand out.…One all-Robbins program included The Concert, Glass Pieces and Moves. The last, a ballet danced in complete silence, was created in 1959. … (see essay)
Guillermo Estrada, Jr. and Laurel Lynch as the hero and heroine of Mark Morris’s production of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. Photo: Nan Melville