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Speak Out: Randy Morgan's California Spirit

By Joe Hulse
arttimesjournal September 25, 2018

Randy Morgan
Randy Morgan and Neptune

Randy Morgan is a renowned master sculptor, who for over 40 years has worked as an architectural artist. His work is sought after by developers, architects, art collectors and the eclectic homeowners alike. He is the creator of the Waterman’s Wall and the Laguna Panorama which are the two largest art pieces in Laguna Beach, California. These beautiful art murals are a part of a series which make up Randy’s “Roadmap of Art Walls” which stretch from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Chico, California. The Roadmap of Wall murals can be viewed on his website;

A high-quality documentary film has been produced about “Roadmap of Walls”. In collaboration with Joe Hulse Productions, through the magic of filmmaking, the stories behind each beautiful wall mural is told. These stories help to round out the rich and vibrant histories incorporated into each mural. At the completion of each mural there is a ribbon-cutting ceremony involving the mayor, VIP dignitaries and attended by the entire community in a celebration of art, film, philanthropy and community spirit.

For the first time in over 40 years Randy as creator of The Roadmap of Art Walls is also making his artwork available as exclusive Giclée prints.

As far back as he can remember, Randy has burned with a passion for the arts. Randy’s talents were first recognized at 5 years old by his teacher when she entered his “Painting of a Horse” at the LA County Fair where it won 1st place and a blue ribbon. As a child Randy’s father would bring home large rolls of paper from his print shop and quickly find

Randy immersed in a drawing project. Randy would spend hour upon hour drawing breathtaking landscapes and detailed portraits of his sports heroes, cowboys and Indians.

Randy Morgan
Neptune and Muse
by Randy Morgan

Destiny eventually paired Randy with Carl Abel, a world renowned wood carver. Abel took an interested in Randy’s artistic sense and taught Randy the ancient art. In 1975, Randy took a life-changing trip to Mexico where he studied art and was drawn to the works of Diego Rivera and Jorge Orosco. Over the next several years, Randy combined Abel’s techniques with his own evolving artistic sense and new found love for bronze casting and soon found his works gracing residential, commercial and public arenas throughout the world.

His works are inspired by his love for history, nature and unique art mediums. Randy continues to innovate and create elegant bronze sculpture for individuals and organizations wanting to invest in an art piece like no other. He’s world famous in the architectural art community for his entryway doors, gates and fantastic water features and life-sized bronze sculptures.

Currently Randy is working on a life-sized bronze sculpture of Laguna Beach legend, Skipper Carillo which is scheduled for unveiling before the end of 2018 and preparations are underway for two more large major historical art murals to add to his Roadmap of Art Walls in the Southern California area.

For more at his collections website: .