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ART TIMES Journal is one of those arts magazines that has two distinct personalities. Afte 32 years in print it is now exclusively available online. ART TIMES is a vibrant sitel with art essays about painting, sculpting, drawing, film, theater, dance, music, book reviews, poetry, short fiction. Our writers are passionate about their subjects and guest writers from around the world contribute poetry, short fiction and their thoughts to our "Speak Out" column. The second personality trait is that ART TIMES is the go-to source for writers, painters, sculptors, film makers, actors, musicians and people looking for calendar listings, opportunity listings, arts schools, theatre auditions, juried art shows, performance locations, and writing competitions. Over the past 33 years that we have been publishing, numerous individuals have thanked us for leading them to galleries where their work is shown, companies who have produced their music and plays as well as to competitions where they have won awards and acclaim.

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