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Film Essays

Keith Nieto has joined us and will be contributing essays about film. Keith loves classic film in all its forms. He studied film at Hunter College, works on numerous film sets as set decorator and has an extensive collection of film memorabilia that can be found at Keith’s Classic Film Retreat in Newburgh. His motto is “A classic movie a day keeps the doctor away.”

Unless otherwise noted, earlier columns about film were written by Henry P. Raleigh, Southold, NY, whose often satirical views give readers a good chuckle.

Most Recent:
TCM Festival 2010 After Party Keith Nieto (October 30, 2017)
Henry P. Raleigh (1930-2017) In Memoriam Raymond J. Steiner (October 13, 2017)
Recollections of the First TCM Film Festival by Keith Nieto (June 17, 2017)
Paterson: A Review by Christina Turczyn (April 6, 2017)
Harlow by Keith Nieto (March 20, 2017)
Please Stop: A 2017 Wish List for Movies and TV Shows Wendy Caster (January 15, 2017)

Previously published essays all written by Henry P. Raleigh:
Gone But not (Sigh) Forgotten
Henry P. Raleigh (Aug 1 2016 online)
No Importance
Henry P. Raleigh (July 2016 online)
Dangers of Garbage
Henry P. Raleigh (Summer 2016)
Free Movies
Henry P. Raleigh (May 2016 online)
Discovering a Cinematic Gem
Henry P. Raleigh (April 2016 online)
The International Film Festival of Kerala
Gail Levin (Spring 2016)
Stuck Up: Smart TVs and the decline of the Film Critic
Henry P. Raleigh (Spring 2016)
Camp Towanda Then and Now
(Jan/ Feb 2016 online)
It's a Chicken and Egg Sort of Thing (Winter 2015)
Summetime and The Corn was High(November 15 online)
The Actor's Memory- It will Come to Me (October 15 online)
Cineland (Fall 2015 onine)
What is Really Going on in Film
(August 2015 online)
Tilda Swinton and I like “Idiocracy.” (July 2015 online)
I Know You'll Love it
(Summer 2015)
Remembering when movies were redeemable
(April online 2015)
Remembering Old Movies— Movies Made Me
(Spring, 2015)
So Many Films- So Little Time
(February 2015 online )
Ninety minutes or else/ the length of a film
(January 2015 online)
To See or Not to See
(Winter 2014)
Movie Ads
(November 2014 online)
OMG— What's Next?
(October 2014 online)
Growing up problems in Film the YA group
(Fall 2014)
Hold Your Horses (August 2014 online)
Cell Phones and Cinema (July 2014 online)
All Purpose Anxiety in Films (Summer 2014)
Film is Smaller
(May 2014 online)
Strained Pulp
(Spring 2014 online)
Violence in Film
(February 2014 online)
In Praise of Oscar
(January 2014 online)
(Winter 2013 )
A Visit with Dave Thomson's The New Biographical Dictionary of Film
(Nov 2013 online)
There's Something About Summer
(Oct online 2013)
Where is John Galt when you need him?
(a reference to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Part 2 character John Galt (Fall 2013)
I used to be interesting
(August online 2013)
Retorts and Ripostes
July online 2013)
Granddad's Troll Story
(Summer 2013)
I Saw it on my iphone
(May online 2013)
Are Digitals Good?
(April online 2013)
The Case of the Mailbox Flag
(Spring 2013)
(January/ February 2013)
I’m Available to be the new leading male star
(December 2012)
Offhand Filmmaking
(November/ December 2012)
Beating The Heat by Watching Norwegian Movies
(October 2012 online)
A Surfeit of Superheroes
(September/ October 2012)
Those Devil Algorithms Again
(July/ August 2012)
Jilted: An unflattering look at "Bridesmaids" written by Kirsten Wiig
(June online 2012)
Looking into the Abyss
(May/ June 2012)
The Last Picture Show
(online April 2012)
Apocalyptic Films
(March/ April 2012)
How to Talk Smart about Films
(February online 2012)
(January/ February 2012)
Jane Eyre December (December online 2011)
It's Good to be a Mogul (November/ December 2011)
Luis Bunel: unsurpassed absurdist/satirical maker of ever-fascinating films (October 2011 online)
ScriptWriting (September/ October 2011)
(August online 2011)
(July/ August 2011)
Are you 2.0?
(June 2011 online)
Mr. Scott and Me: Raleigh writes about his disagreements with this Film Critic (May/ June 2011)
Actors and their Beady-Eyed Sneers (April online 2011)
Dogs and Murder
(March/ April 2011)
Mr Bordwell and Blinking in Films
(February 2011 online)
Sometimes Curmudgeons Laugh
(Jan/ Feb 2011)
Film Historian David Bordwell's thoughts on Blinking
(Dec. 2010 online)
The Three Required Great Works of Art
(November/ December 2010)
At War with Algorithms
(October 2010 online)
My Second Chance
(Sept/ Oct 2010)
Last Man Standing (August 2010 Online)
Significant Miscellany: algorithms are replacing movie critics.(July/ August 2010)
Culture (June online 2010)
The Old Avatar (May/ June 2010)
Bite Me : the undead genre (Mar/ Apr '10)
Don't Miss It! (Feb 10 online)
Where Happened to the Releases '09 (Jan/ Feb 10)
Nostalgia (Dec 09 online)
Swan Song (Nov/ Dec 2009)
Little Known but Memorable Movie Scenes (Sept/ Oct 2009)
The Odyssey Film (July/August 2009)
Then and Now (June 2009)
What Does Film Tell Us (May 2009)
If Darwin Went to the Movies (April 2009)
My Million-Dollar Plan (March 2009)
Something Else to Watch Out For (Jan/Feb 2009)
Another Scientific Report (December 2008)
A Scientific Report (November 2008)
We'll Still Love You, Ed Wood (October 2008)
Loss of Character (September 2008)
Does Film Criticism Have a Future?(July August 2008)
Something is Going On (June 2008)
How the Stars were Formed: Hollywood Science (May 2008)
Report Cards (April 2008)
Things Remembered, Things Forgotten (March 2008)
The Great Critical Debate (January/ February 2008)
Dangerous Boys (December 2007)
Harry Deified
(November 2007)
It's all in the Pronunciation (October 2007)
The Web Must Do Without Me (September 2007)
Stars and Asteroids (July/August 2007)
Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine (June 2007)
Sipping From the Fountain (May 2007)
Healthy Horror (April 2007)
Forced Into the Digital Age (March 2007)
Reminiscing With Curmudgeons (January February 2007)
A Bad War
(December 2006)
How Hollywood Invented Teenagers (November 2006)
Errors in the History of Film Criticism (October 2006)
Getting Ready (September 2006)
Film Criticism: It's Not A Science (July/August 2006)
More Cultural Exchanges (June, 2006)
Film Writing Style (May, 2006)
Exodus (April, 2006)
Some Films Deserve a Vote (March, 2006)
Hollywood at War (Jan/Feb, 2006)
The Dimming of the Stars (December, 2005)
The China Connection (November, 2005)
A Curmudgeion's Lament (October, 2005)
Worlds at War Again. (September, 2005)
The Menace of Cornfields. (August, 2005)
Hard Work, Happy Holiday. Later. (July, 2005)
The Iliad According to Hollywood (June, 2005)
Documenting a Legend (May, 2005)
Play it Again and Again, Sam (April, 2005)
A Film Strategist (March, 2005)
Look, Don't Listen (Jan/Feb, 2005)