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New: New Study Reveals Paradigm Shifts Among Cultural Audiences
           Lisa Buchmna
The Oldish Woman and the Show Wendy Caster
My 2 Cents~ A Review of Tiny Beautiful Things Jacquie Wolf
In Memoriam Henry P. Raleigh (1930-2017) Raymond J. Steiner
New: Dance~ /peh-LO-tah/ Dawn Lille
New: Staring Fear in the Face: Documentary Art and Mortality
           Justine Bayod Espoz
New: Creatives —Attend to your Creativity Merritt Minnemeyer
New: The TCM Festival After Party Kieth Nieto
Poetry by Daniel David and Amie Ilva Tatem
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Christina Turczyn
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Brinda Raval
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M. Stephen Doherty
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In Memoriam Henry P. Raleigh (1930 ~2017)
By Raymond J. Steiner
Hank had a Swiftian handle on satire and knew how to bait — and hook — his (our) readers, adding immensely to our reputation and presence on the artscene which had quickly spread from the Hudson Valley to the whole Northeast, with our largest distribution in Manhattan. I remember early on while attending some affair in NYC, a man coming up to me saying, “I love ART TIMES! The first page I always turn to is a Raleigh’s film essay!” I have to admit that I felt a little ‘ouch’ there —not mine? — but was proud and pleased that our journal was making an impact.

(see essay)

New: New Study Reveals Paradigm Shifts Among Cultural Audiences
By Lisa Buchman

In mid-October, a new study was released that measures the changing behaviors of cultural audiences nationwide. It contained many surprises. Culture Track ’17 affirms America’s interest in cultural activities, but they have to be fun, relieve stress, be interactive and social. When respondents were asked Why engage in a cultural activity? their top choice was to have fun.(see essay)

New Theater: My 2 Cents~ Tiny, Beautiful Things
By Jacquie Wolf
playbill Tiny, Beautiful things

The set is an interior of a small home with a living, dining and kitchen area from which our cast brings to life the questions and answers that form the whole of the experience. Nia Vardalos as the author, is the center of this drama created from a stint as an advice “columnist” on a literary website. Easily coerced into assuming the mantle of “Sugar” we are privy to Strayed’s faltering first steps as she develops her style. She hits her stride rather quickly and responds to the collection of lost and yearning people seeking advice and dispenses it by tapping into her largely painful, occasionally joyful, experiences and regrets.
(see essay)

New: Dance: /peh-LO-tah/
By Dawn Lille

/peh-LO-tah/ (detail)
photo:Rebecca Greenfield

…Marc Bamuthi Joseph sees this world game, known as soccer in the United States, as “the only thing the entire planet can do together.”
Joseph is exploring the “ecology of egalitarianism” as played out on the soccer field, intrigued by the fact that the concept of equality is elusive. The audience enters the theater and immediately shares a set with a large round luminous object projected on a plain dark backdrop and a soccer ball sitting in a pool of light on stage center.
(see essay)

New Theater: The Oldish Woman and the Show
By Wendy Caster
The King and I, 1968 revival. From left: Michael Kermoyan as the King, Constance Towers as Anna, and Anita Darian as Lady Thiang. Photo by Friedman-Abeles; from The New York Public Library Digital Collection.

It’s tougher to blow me away these days. After all, what could be new after nearly five decades of theatre-going? However, when I am delighted or surprised, whether by a plot turn or an acting decision or genuinely original writing, I appreciate it all the more. Before I saw Hamilton, I was unsure that theatrical rap would work for me. . (see essay)

The King and I, 1968 revival. From left: Michael Kermoyan as the King, Constance Towers as Anna, and Anita Darian as Lady Thiang. Photo by Friedman-Abeles; from The New York Public Library Digital Collection.

New Film: The Red Carpet After Party of the TCM Festival
By Keith Nieto

…After watching the glorious remastered copy of the film on the big screen, we were swept off to an old Hollywood nightclub. There was an electrical charge in the air that evening. Or was it the open bar? The vast open balcony room was perfect for stargazing. Banquettes and open tables allowed guests the freedom to mingle with new and old Hollywood. My new friend and partner-in-crime, Jennifer, believed we should think of the event as a candy store. … (see essay)

New: Help Desk 4 Creatives: Attend to your Creativity
By Merritt Minnemeyer
Help Support Advice Guidance

…Fellow creatives, I am here to tell you that it is not in a person’s best interest to hide, or judge, or deny what is inherent in us. Allow me to give you permission (should you be seeking it) to be fully you. Not only in your own little corner feverishly working on your next project, but in every aspect of life. Your creativity is an asset. Period. Infuse who you are fully into every moment that you choose. By sharing yourself with your community, you help bring beauty to life. That is a gift, no matter how you chose to deliver it. (see essay)

New: Theater: Staring Fear in the Face:
                      Documentary Art and Mortality
By Justine Bayod Espoz
Baby Mama pure joy
Baby Mama pure joy

… Maybe it’s the fact that the audience willingly came to hear a story that makes it art, or the fact that said story elicited a visceral reaction without requiring that we experience the situations described firsthand. From behind the fourth wall, we stared at the goblins and ghosts, we witnessed human frailty, remembered those lost, and awaited the cycle of death and rebirth, ultimately leaving us unscathed but not unchanged. Is that not the goal of great art? (see essay)

Art Review: Ben Wilson ~ From Social Realism to Abstraction
By Christina Turczyn
Bypass 1991-92,  Oil on Board 42.25" X 48.25"
Bypass 1991-92,
Oil on Board 42.25" X 48.25"

Ben Wilson: From Social Realism to Abstraction, is a profoundly moving, historically expansive exhibit currently on view at the George Segal Gallery at Montclair State University, through November 4, 2017. Spanning decades of Ben Wilson’s drawings, paintings, and collages, the innovative space seems to bring this paradox to the fore. Wilson’s powerful responses to the Holocaust, to pogroms endured by his family, to the Great Depression, as well as to crises in his own personal life, can only begin a dialogue.
(see essay)