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New: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Robert Daseler
Still Hope by Raymond J. Steiner
New: Let’s Make Sure Their Time Is Up by Wendy Caster
New: Art a Tool of Reflection, Refuge and Renewal by Merritt Minnemeyer
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            Justine Bayod Espoz
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New Theater: Let’s Make Sure Their Time Is Up
By Wendy Caster
Fun Home

Now the #MeToo movement has morphed into the #TimesUp movement…But, will real progress follow? It’s important to remember that the sexual mistreatment of women in the arts is only one facet of sex-based discrimination. There is also being ignored, not being taken seriously, and not being given opportunities. (see essay)

New Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
By Robert Daseler

Purists in the field will argue that no reproduction can capture all the exquisite detail of a painting or fresco, but in fact, in the vast majority of cases, the reproduction will carry more of that exquisite detail than the casual visitor to a gallery or museum will be able to discern from behind the little fence meant to keep the hoi polloi at a safe distance from the works on display, and this is especially the case for art displayed—or in many cases concealed—in churches. (see essay)

New: Help Desk 4 Creatives: Art a Tool of Reflection, Refuge and Renewal
By Merritt Minnemeyer
Be the Change you want to see in the World

…Artists have a unique opportunity to frame our collective experiences. Whether using a myopic lens or a panoramic one, the views we cast are at once personal and universal. We have the means to take part in a global conversation through our gifts. Telling a story with words, sound, or light -.(see essay)

New: Peeks and Piques! There Is Still Hope…:
By Raymond J. Steiner

I know I use terms that several of my readers deem pompous and I must admit that many of my ideas come from extensive traveling and reading; I’m the product of lower-class, poverty-threatened folks from Brooklyn and my “culture” was largely gleaned from the streets of our neighborhood and, later (at the age of 12) on a dead-end road in the woodlands of the Catskills. Trips to museums, libraries, etc. were never on my parent’s calendar, nor were books a part of our lifestyle.
(see essay)

Speak Out: Mixed-Use Properties
By Michele Gambetta

ArtCondo mixed-use artists' & businesses space.

…Mixed-use properties are unique in that they provide owners with the ability to have two different legal occupancy uses - both residential and commercial tenants - in one building. … These buildings are often purchased for their rent-roll income, and are considered an asset-class. Since they include both residential and commercial tenants they usually bring an attractive texture and synergy to neighborhoods.(see essay)

Art Review: Gurlitt: Status Report: Nazi art theft and its consequences
By Henry Cavanagh
Couple, by Hans Christoph, 1924, watercolor and copying pencil on rice paper. (Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn)
Couple, by Hans Christoph, 1924, watercolor and copying pencil on rice paper. (Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn)

…Ironically, the flight of artists to the four corners of the world made German Expressionism influential, defining the arts for most of this century. The 'degenerate' works here represent an endless list of names every cultured person knows: Kirchner, Chagall, Kollwitz, Klee, Picasso, Renoir, Matisse. Most have not been seen publicly for nearly 100 years.… (see essay)

Dance: /peh-LO-tah/
By Dawn Lille

/peh-LO-tah/ (detail)
photo:Rebecca Greenfield

…Marc Bamuthi Joseph sees this world game, known as soccer in the United States, as “the only thing the entire planet can do together.”
Joseph is exploring the “ecology of egalitarianism” as played out on the soccer field, intrigued by the fact that the concept of equality is elusive. The audience enters the theater and immediately shares a set with a large round luminous object projected on a plain dark backdrop and a soccer ball sitting in a pool of light on stage center.
(see essay)