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The Bloviator R. Jayess (February 18, 2018)
The Call Candace Lyons (January 6, 2018)
The Winter's Tale Don Maurer April 16, 2017
Ingenuity Did Not Originate with the Human Mind
Eric D. Goodman (January 15, 2017)
Radical Surgery Margaret Hermes (December 2016)
Carry On - A Fictional Reflection on Operation Frequent Wind Elsie Folley (November 2016)
Flashing My Tatas Julie Judes (Aug 16, 2016)
“The Find”
Donald Kerr (August 2 2016 online)
“Not a Fake Pollack” Gianna Bellofatto Reid (July 2016 online)
Bird Calls Margaret Hermes (Summer 2016)
The Good Reader
Jennifer Dunning (May 2016 online)
“The Scar”
by R.Jayess (Spring 2016)
“The Note” by Margaret Hermes (Spring 2016)
“Picking Up Chicks” by Candace Lyons (Winter 2015/2016)
“The Transition” by Herbert Creech (Winter 2015/2016)
“The Old Man and the Young Waitress” by Edgar Bee (Fall 2015)
“Fire” by David A. Goldstein (Spring 2015)
“Chess Queen” by Julie Judes (Summer 2015)
“A Tale for Today” by Donald Kerr (Spring 2015)
“Nativity” by Chancho Cox (Winter 2014/2015)
“Gulf One” by J. A. Pollard (Winter 2014/2015)
“So It's Raining” by Rebecca L. Monroe (Fall 2014)
“The Artist” by Alice Andersen (Fall 2014)
“Nocturnal Vibrato” by R. Jayess (Fall 2014)
“God Bless You Miss Ehrenberg” by Steven Katz (Summer 2014)
“Off To Bazaar” by Andre I. Santillana (Summer 2014)
“The Fat Lady” by Devi Snively (Spring 2014)
“Grandine is the Italian Word for Hail” by Stephen Graf (Spring 2014)
“The Pyramids at The Louvre” by Candace Lyons (Winter 2013)
“A Different Where” by Rebecca L. Monroe (Fall 2013)
“The Trunk” by Krystal Rollins (Summer 2013)
“The Turgid Valley Decadians Art Show” by Richard Holinger (Summer 2013)
“Ask and You Shall Receive” byAnnette Taylor (Spring 2013)
“Flower of Our Age” byRobert David Stetten ( J/F 2013)
“Hand in Hand” by Priscilla Macias-Rosa (J/F 2013)